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Method for improving the performance of diamond saw blade
[ Published:2014/8/1  Read:7753 times  Source:zoue]

Chinese stone industry is developing rapidly, a large number of products exported every year; at the same time, the domestic demand for stone volume is rising. Stone processing cutting tool is the most common diamond saw blade, therefore, diamond saw blade requirements are also increasing, so a lot of saw blade manufacturers are working on stone craft and equipment model, with the lowest cost to produce diamond saw blades with high quality to meet the needs of the market.

Many manufacturers summed up many ways to improve the performance of diamond saw blade, where the company for you summed up to strengthen the eight best performance of diamond saw blade for your reference.

The cold pressing heat sintering, vacuum protective atmosphere sintering. By cold pressing and then sintered knife head during the sawing process is very sharp, production efficiency is improved a lot, and vacuum protective atmosphere sintering can prevent the oxidation of the powder, activated sintering, which can not only improve the performance and prolong the cutter head, the graphite die life, reduce the production cost.

The correct welding technology, the diamond circular saw blade with high frequency welding machine for welding, welding is easy to two "burn the knife head and knife head phenomenon". Not only the security, and the impact of production, and therefore should be used with high intensity, for welding processing penetration of silver solder pieces of good.

Superfine powder and pre alloyed powder. Superfine powder to reduce the sintering temperature, improve the hardness of matrix. The pre alloyed powder, mixing through three-dimensional, greatly shorten the contact time of powder and air, prevent premature loss of low melting point metal and segregation, and is conducive to improve the sinter strength, increase the bonding strength between diamond.

Adding moderate amount of rare earth elements in the matrix powder (such as lanthanum, cerium etc.). Can significantly reduce the wear performance of binder, improve the cutting efficiency of diamond saw blade.

Improvement of diamond particle size distribution. The traditional formula, the cutter head to be sharper, more coarse grain diamond, and vice versa with fine grain diamond. But he did not reach the optimum working efficiency. Due to the hardness and elastic modulus of diamond at high sintering temperature is high, it is difficult to produce plastic deformation. Select the ratio, increase the packing density of sintering of diamond particles, to improve the tool wear ratio is favorable.

The production of stable performance, high strength diamond coarse particles, good thermal stability. Diamond tool is basically composed of diamond and the matrix under certain technological conditions are fixed on the working base, mainly by diamond grinding, cutting function to process the different stone. So the quality, size and concentration of diamond has a decisive effect on the diamond tools.

The addition of carbon powder elements, improve the diamond. In the process of diamond saw blade, diamond cutter head matrix if the good control force, the diamond will edge is good, not to fall off, cutting sharp, high efficiency. Also can be added in the matrix powder, molybdenum, chromium, a small amount of additional: tungsten powder. Because this kind of powder on the wettability of gold, diamond and good affinity, sintering in the diamond and the matrix formed on the surface of metal carbide alloy, chemical bond for diamond and the matrix metal and metallurgy combination, thus greatly improve the holding force of matrix to diamond.

To improve the quality of saw blade production technology and equipment; there is a close relationship between the production process and equipment quality and production of saw blade, high quality production process or equipment can improve the quality and performance of the saw blade; many manufacturers are doing research in trying to get the breakthrough.

Based on the above points, a high quality diamond saw blade is developed. But in the diamond tool production process, many factors affect on cutting tool, also have "stone" according to different stone texture, different sawing machine and adjustment, reasonable selection and proper use of saw blade, the saw blade performance can be fully play, so as to achieve good results.

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