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Six the use of hard alloy saw matters needing attention
[ Published:2014/8/1  Read:5828 times  Source:zoue]

Note the use of carbide saw blades have the following six:

Working environment: machinery to install protective cover, to prevent breakage, and saw debris damage. No relationship is prohibited from near the workplace. The workplace should be far away from flammable, explosive goods.

Clothing, protective equipment: the operators must wear protective glasses, prevent the saw blade breakage, debris caused damage. The operator must pay attention to the tie and the cuff, not wearing gloves, long hair to a working cap, prevent was involved in the machine, danger.

The use of pre: ensure that the machine in good condition, abnormal spindle no deformation, no vibration, shaft diameter tolerances for h7. check saw no due to loss, loss, abnormal wear and the body bending, twisting, rupture, to prevent the blade breakage, scattering caused damage. • selected saw blade for cutting material, abnormal wear, prevent the saw blade, cutting off the bad, overheating and other abnormal conditions occur. If the wrong choice, may cause damage, the blade and material debris, accident.

Installation: assures blade rotation direction and the direction of the machine spindle. If the opposite direction, will cause the blade loss, debris, accident. Selection of the diameter and the outer diameter of the outer diameter of the saw blade, saw blade consistent 1/3 slightly larger (multi chip saw blade diameter should be used in 1/2) flange, convinced that no abnormal wear, bending deformation, clean surface is often attached. Assures blade diameter and machine shaft diameter is not too large gap, installation of flange plate, tighten the nut. Before operation, confirm the saw blade in front of unmanned. Then idling, check the machine has no vibration, transverse and radial swing blade has no abnormal phenomenon. Reprocessing of saw blade (diameter correction, a positioning hole processing) must by the. If processing is bad, will affect the product use effect, and may be dangerous. When installed, the general saw blade is advised by a board 5-6 sawtooth.

In use, when in use: the cut material needs to be fixed, so as not to cause abnormal entry, resulting in blade breakage, debris, accident. When in use, found abnormal, sound and vibration cutting surface roughness, bending, must cease operation, timely inspection, troubleshooting. If continue to use, will cause the blade breakage, debris, accident.

Use: when the blade is no longer sharp, cut surface rough, must be timely and grinding. Otherwise it will affect the use effect, and may cause the blade to scrap, accident. Then the grinding must be carried out by specialized manufacturers trustworthy, can not change the original angle of tooth.

The above is a few points should be noticed during the use of hard alloy saw blade. In order to avoid unnecessary accidents, please according to the steps and methods of work in the process of using the saw blade.

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